Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last day b4 the NEw Beginning

Haha , at last the holidays came to the end for this semester. I went to wisma Saberkas to buy a bluetooh dongle (me quite weird right how come dont go to pc fair again XP ) . I managed to get it with RM18 and it is quite useful for me now due to i dont need to always plug my phones' cables into the com whenever i wanted to transfer files and for me using card reader is when transfering huge and many files. Sometime , i feel kinda lazy to just transfer just a file to my phone but now using bluetooth really easy and fast. Now , i even can easily transfer files to my Old E398 with the device. After having lunch at there , i walked passed SPeedy and i saw something amazing that is the Blue ray discs which cost about RM138 per movie (what a world just a movie that show for about 1 and a half hour only ). I wondering what so special of it ? That how my whole day end . Finally , the New beginning will start tomorrow and i can feel the " 距离的开始 " or " the beginning of distance " and this is the term that i started to use since i was in foundation . This a meaningful term for the faculties' relocation at the uni and i do believe many students cant mix around with the other faculties' students again like last time >.< Anyway , i hope tomorrow is the new and yet good beginning for all of us XP

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