Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swinburne Sarawak GraNd OPenInG and alsO 100 years aNniv3rs@ry

Today is the Grand Opening for my uni , as being convinced by two friends i joined the event as student helper XP

This is the shirt that they gave us ( what a simple design XP)

Flags that used to wave (Sorry , Malaysia flag i accidentally put you in the other way round )

I almost freeze to death after waiting for so long at the Audi there ( BTW, this is the consequences of not spraying more spary to the hair and the hair will become really messy >.< )

The main entrance of the Building A where we all waved the flags

( OMg , what a stupid smile with the stupid hair style from me after waiting for the VVIP for so long >.< )

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